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Science and Technology Enrichment Program


The University at Buffalo Science and Technology Enrichment Program is designed to provide participants in grades seven through twelve with the necessary tools to succeed in post-secondary pursuits.

Academic and supportive services have been provided to more than 2,600 students since 1986. Over that time span, 100% have graduated from high school, and more than 98% have entered college. UB-STEP students have been exposed to a variety of educational and enrichment activities that prepare them for college and their professional careers.

UB-STEP's success with minority and disadvantaged youth can be credited to the dedication of the participants, staff, parents, and many tireless collaborators.

UB-STEP served a total of 120 students from over 40 schools within Buffalo and the surrounding area during this grant cycle. These students received a total of 19,590 hours of academic, career, financial and personal counseling; 79,337 hours of tutoring in Regents sequential math, science, foreign anguage, and language arts; and completed 7,601 hours of internship service. Over the past five years, the Parents' Association raised $18,400 in scholarships and awards for the program seniors.

UB-Step Staff

Patricia E. Clark, Director
Gwendolyn Clarke, Counselor
Jaafar Angevin, Senior Counselor
Winifred Brantley, Administrative Assistant

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